Recipes For Savory Dishes With Chocolate

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Wicked Good Chocolate Cookbook
Insanely Delicious Sweet and Savory Chocolate Recipes.

Chocolate Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind
Chocolate Recipes With A Savory And Spicy Twist.

Chili con Carne with Chocolate
0 Chili con Carne with Chocolate
A rich version of Chili con Carne with bitter chocolate. In our opinion more delicious than the original recipes without chocolate! Very easy to make! You can add more chilies if you prefer a more spicy Chili con Carne.
Chicken with Mole Negro
0 Chicken with Mole Negro
Our version of the world famous Mexican recipe of chicken in a dark, spicy sauce made with different types of chilies, spices and chocolate.
Chicken with Simplified Mole
0 Chicken with Simplified Mole
Our simplified but delicious version of Chicken with Mole Negro. This version is easy to make and has a smooth flavor. The sauce can be varied by adding Mexican chilies, more spices or chocolate according to your preferences.
0 Encacahuatado, Chicken with Mexican Peanut Chocolate Sauce
A delicious dish with more easily obtained ingredients than Mole Negro.
Pasilla Mole
0 Pasilla Mole
A dark, Mexican sauce made with dried black chilies, tomatoes, onions, sesame seeds, spices and chocolate. The flavor is similar to Mole Negro, but easier to prepare.
Pork with Coffee and White Chocolate Sauce
0 Pork with Coffee and White Chocolate Sauce
Pork chops coated with finely ground coffee has a nutty and smoked taste, quite different from plain pork chops. When combining with a white chocolate sauce and mango chutney an exciting flavor combination is generated.
Oxtail Stew
0 Oxtail Stew with Chocolate and Raisins
Our version of the traditional Italian dish called "Coda alla vaccinaria". A rich oxtail stew which needs to cook for 5-6 hours so that the meat is almost falling off the bones. The chocolate is added in the end, just a few minutes before serving, to make the sauce even more rich.
Salmon with White Chocolate Sauce
0 Salmon with White Chocolate Sauce
A modern version of fried salmon with a sauce based on lemon and white chocolate. The sauce is similar to Hollandaise Sauce but more sweet.
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