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Encyclopedia of Chocolate
Essential Recipes and Techniques.

Everything Chocolate
A Decadent Collection of Morning Pastries, Nostalgic Sweets, and Showstopping Desserts.

Cocoa pods
0 About cacao beans, cocoa & chocolate
Chocolate is made from the beans of the cacao tree which grows in the tropics in a band between 10 to 20 degrees north and south of the equator, sometimes called the "Cocoa Belt". It has fruits (pods) that are more than on foot (30 cm) long containing 20-40 seeds, or cacao beans, in a pink, sweet-sour pulp. The beans are fermented to release the chocolate flavor. Read more....
Chocolate cake
0 Chocolate cake & cookie recipes
Try one or our delicious chocolate cake or cookie recipes. All recipes are developed and tested in our kitchen. Some chocolate cake recipes are flourless and therefore gluten free. Other recipes are lactose free. The cakes and cookies are perfect as desserts or with a cup of coffee or tea. See recipe list...
Chocolate truffles
0 Chocolate fudge & truffle recipes
Chocolate fudges are rich chocolate candies made with sugar, butter, milk or cream, perhaps salt, and flavorings. The texture is soft an spongy. Fudges are usually cut in squares. Chocolate truffles are ball-shaped soft candies made with chocolate, cream and flavorings. Some delicious chocolate fudge and truffle recipes are presented. We also give some general recommendations on making fudges. Read more....
Savory dishes
0 Savory dishes with chocolate
Chocolate can be used as flavoring in dishes with fish, chicken or meat. In some recipes, dark chocolate is used as spice in sauces to give a rich flavor, whereas in other recipes, chocolate is a more dominating flavor component. Chocolate was invented in Mexico and has therfore been used a lot in Mexican cooking. Here we present some delicious recipes; some are based on Mexican cooking, others are more modern and creative. Take a look....
Chocolate cake
0 The best chocolate cake recipe websites
There are thousands of chocolate cake recipes on the internet. We have selected the best websites with recipes for chocolate and cocoa based cakes and desserts. Recipes developed by chocolate producing companies are often of high quality, but good recipes can also be found in cooking websites developed by professional chefs. Check out chocolate cake recipe website list....
Chocolate cookbooks 0 Chocolate cake & dessert recipe books has a large selection of chocolate cake and dessert recipe books. Check out their best chocolate cook books.
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