Cacao Producing Countries

Cacao (cocoa) is produced in countries within 10° south and 10° north of the equator. The largest cacao producing countries are listed in the table below; in addition a large number of countries have small productions of cacao.

Large Cacao Producing Countries 2020

Ivory Coast2,034,000 tonnes
Ghana884,000 tonnes
Indonesia660,000 tonnes
Nigeria328,000 tonnes
Cameroon295,000 tonnes
Brazil235,000 tonnes
Ecuador206,000 tonnes
Peru122,000 tonnes
Source: and World Population Review.

The processing of cacao beans is predominantly undertaken in Europe and North America with the Netherlands and the USA as the leading countries. However, there has been a steady increase in cacao processing in other countries, and during the last decades the Ivory Coast has been the world's third largest cacao processing country.

Cacao holiday destinations

Cacao is also produced in a large number of other countries, so finding a holiday destination where you can visit cacao plantations is not at all difficult. This includes popular holiday destnations in the Caribbean, Central and South America, Asia, and Africa, and also less visited countries. In addition to the countries listed above, we have presented some other countries that are worth a visit below, not only because of their cacao plantations, but also because of their picturesque cities, beautiful landscapes, nice beaches, and interesting culture.

In the Caribbean regions, the Dominican Republic has a production of about 87,000 metric tonnes; Mexico about 27,000 tonnes (mostly in the state of Tabasco), Cuba about 1,500 tonnes, Grenada about 800 tonnes, Trinidad and Tobago about 300 tonnes, and Dominica also about 300 tonnes. In Asia, India produces about 19,000 tonnes; the Philippines about 9,000 tonnes, Sri Lanka about 1,300 tonnes. In Africa, Uganda produces about 35,000 tonnes, Madagascar about 12,000 and Tanzania about 7,000 tonnes. In the Pacific, the Solomon islands produce about 5,000 tonnes and Samoa 500 tonnes.

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