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Grenada - Photos and Information

Grenada is a small island state in the Eastern Caribbean at the southern extremity of the Windward Islands. It is located north of Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela (Latitude 12 deg 07 min N, longitude 61 deg 40 min W). Some of the Grenadine islands belong to Grenada: Carriacou and Petit Martinique. The main island is only 21 miles (34 km) long and 12 miles (18 km) wide. Grenada is a beautiful holiday destination and the climate is normally pleasant, especially in the dry season from January to April. Read more...

  Cacao Plantations

Grenada is producing high quality cacao beans, almost entirely the Trinitario variety but also a small amount of the Forastero variety. Grenada has one of the richest cocoas in the world.

  Chocolate Manufacturing

Cacao beans from Grenada are used for manufacturing high quality chocolate both by the Grenada Chocolate Company and by other manufacturers.

  Photos of the capital St. George's

St. George's St. George's is a beautiful city which has been regarded as one of the prettiest ports in the Caribbean. The city sweeps in a semi-circle around the bay which is a natural harbor. Browse photos...

  Grenada's Beaches

Grenada's Beaches The most well-known beach Grand Anse is located close to the capital. Morne Rouge Bay, Bathway Beach and Paradise Beach on Carriacou are other fantastic beaches.
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  Photos of Villages

Villages Most of the Grenadan houses are fairly small and made of wood. In some villages you will also find larger houses made with concrete, and you may also find nice villas.
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  Flowers and Rainforest

Forests and flowers The central part of the island is covered by the rain forest and has an abundance of plants and trees. Grenada is a large producer of spices, particularly nutmeg.
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