Cacao Producing Countries

Cacao (cocoa) is produced in countries within 10° south and 10° north of the equator. The largest cacao producing countries are listed in the table below; in addition a large number of countries have small productions of cacao. See also information at the Statista - World Cocoa Production website.

Large Cacao Producing Countries 2015/16

Ivory Coast1,690,000 tonnes
Ghana840,000 tonnes
Indonesia300,000 tonnes
Ecuador230,000 tonnes
Cameroon230,000 tonnes
Brazil210,000 tonnes
Nigeria200,000 tonnes
Papua New Guinea36,000 tonnes
Source: Statista.

The processing of cacao beans is predominantly undertaken in Europe and North America with the Netherlands and the USA as the leading countries. However, there has been a steady increase in cacao processing in other countries, and in 2003/04 the Ivory Coast was the world's third largest cacao processing country.

Cacao holiday destinations

Cacao is also produced in a large number of other countries, see e.g, the list published by theUS Foreign Agricultural Service or the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center. So finding a holiday destination where you can visit cacao plantations is not at all difficult!

The beautiful island of Grenada has a very small production of approximately 800 metric tonnes a year, Cuba has a production of approximately 2,200 tonnes. Samoa produces only 500 tonnes. All these countries are well worth a visit, not only because of their cacao plantations, but also because of their picturesque cities, beautiful landscapes, nice beaches and interesting culture.

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